Monday, 13 August 2012

81 Iterations

These are my 81 iterations. I decided to set them out in a sort of whirlpool/tornado arrangement to represent the whirling, chaotic and violent nature of my iterations. I put them on a plain black background as it contrasts them nicely and also makes my iterations stand out with their watery texture.

'Hero' model

This is my 'hero' model out of my 81 iterations. This iteration is the clearest representation of my 3 chosen words; chaos, violent and whirling. This iteration reminds me of a tornado or whirlpool which is appropriate as this is what comes to mind when thinking of my 3 words. I chose to use spotlights on one side in order to cast shadow and make the model seem sinister due to the shadows these have created. To add to this sinister feeling I also rendered the model from a low angle shot which makes the model seem like it is towering above, almost in a threatening position.


I have put a camera at the bottom of the iteration with the lens looking at up at it. This gives a slight low angle shot making the iteration look almost threatening and intimidating. I wanted this affect because my chosen iteration looks a lot like a tornado, which is a threatening natural disaster.


I have used spotlights to brighten up my model so that it is easy and clear to see.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

35 Rendered iterations

35 iterations to date. Kept the texture the same as I believe it enhances my models considerably.

Monday, 6 August 2012

15 rendered images

These are my first 15 iterations to date. I have applied the same texture to all of them as I believe it compliments them all well.