Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Final Photograph

Photograph of my final model. The main focus of my photograph is the intertwining lines around one another which I wanted to show in detail. This is the reason for photographing my model at this angle. 

Final Render

This is my final render. I have made my actual model that was 3D printed larger and towards the front to show that it is the main model.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lighting Renders

I have now done some lighting experiments to see which lighting enhances my model the best.
This lighting is basically just a whole lot of omni lights surrounding the model making it over exposed. However I like the whiteness of it and the contrast between the black and the white. 

Second lighting technique where I have put a few omni lights inside my model so that it is being lit from the inside out. I like the shadows that this has created within my model. I turned down the intensity of the light so that it did not white out my model. I am happy with the lighting on this model. 

I then decided to try a spotlight directed onto the model and put a plane in so that I could see where the spotlight is concentrated on. I now want to look at shadows because I feel my render would be enhanced with them. 

 Although this is not a good view of my model I do love the shadow that it has cast and how it is so clear with the swirling lines. I would definitely like to show shadow in my final render. 

 This is the same lighting as above except I have rendered only a part of my model so that you can really see the shadowing and how the light interacts with the different curves and angles. 

This is my final lighting render and it iis the one that I am happy with. I love the brightness of the model. It is very clear and easy to see all parts. This contrasts to the dark shadow that it casts. This shadow is very clear and I love the fact that there is light going through the model so that shadow has dark bits with light shining through. However this could be improved by moving the spotlights focus a little to the left so that the angled light line is removed. 

Texture Renders

 This my final model rendered using three different textures. The top is a the texture of a surface of a leaf with the veins running through it. Next, in the middle is a sandy texture of ripples in sand. And at the bottom is actually the texture of blown glass however I used it because it looks a lot like water and I was after natural looking textures. 

This is a very vibrant texture that makes the model stand out against a black background. I like that you can actually see the patterns one the leaf on the model.

I like the subtlety of this texture and it compliments my model very nicely as it means that al strands can be seen intertwining one another in a beautiful mess. The sandy colour makes this look almost like a sandstorm which links to my theme of nature.

This watery texture is very busy and I like the many colours twirling about one another. However the chaos takes away from the model a bit as it means each strand is not defined and the model just looks like a blob.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Compostition Renders

These are my composition renders. I have taken 2 views, one form the front and one from the underside. Both of these compositions work well for different reasons and I would be happy to use either of these for my final renders.

 Firstly this is a front on view and is very standard. However it does give a good view of my model and means all parts of the model can be seen. This angle shows that the model is almost symmetrical and also shows the chaotic nature of the intertwining lines.

This angle gives the model quite a different feeling and looks a lot more sinister. Because my model is inspired by the natural world I'm not sure if this is an appropriate feeling to evoke. However I like how the left side of the model trails off.

3rd models-Iterations

This is my final set of iterations. As you can see it went from quite a delicate leaf-like form and transformed into an almost living creature. I used a leaf texture as I wanted it to be quite vibrant yet still remain natural.

3rd model

This is my final model that I will be developing for my last set of iterations. Inspiration for this model was taken from a leaf and it was made in solidworks and then transferred into 3dsmax

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

2nd Model-Iterations

These are the iterations of my second model. As they move forward they begin to look shell like. For this reason I have used a natural texture such as the sandy, beige colour in order to add to the idea of shells. 

2nd Model

This is my second model which has been inspired by a DNA helix. I will now make iterations of this to find a model that is more interesting and has more depth to it.

Monday, 1 October 2012

First model-Iterations

Now that my model is in 3dsmax I am now making iterations to try and take the model to the next level and get a final model which I am really happy with. Here are my first 5 iterations for my first model. I am really happy with how they all look and I would be happy to pick any of them for my 3D printing. 

I used the pink petal texture on these iterations which really makes them stand out. However I think the black background is a little harsh so if I was to use the this texture I think I would make the background white and glossy

First model

Here is my first model. I took ideas from the curving and twisting nature of some of my precedents. As you can see somehow the lighting messed up however all I really wanted to do was show the model. I am now going to look at some different materials and then begin to make some iterations to develop the model further.

First material render and I like the aesthetics however I don't think it is soft enough for this delicate flower like model so I would like to try a material that compliments this.

This is the watery glass material which, on a model, is quite chaotic and distracting. Also the darkness on the left obscures the model and makes it hard to see its actual shape. However I do like the colours that are used. Very natural feel.


 This is sketch is just the bones of a DNA double helix without the connecting rods in between. This would be more effective if the two strands were perfectly wrapped around one another. I think it would also work better as a model if the strands were not 2D, that is they had some thickness to them. From here I would curve the helix so that it forms a ring that twists around itself which would be very interesting 

This sketch is inspired by a leaf with the veins stemming from a 'backbone'. It would make a very interesting model however may be a bit too busy. This could be easily simplified by removing some of the bottom segments. A way to make this model translate into 3D more effectively would be to make the segments bevelled so that they are higher in the middle and lower where they connect to one another. 

Sticking to the natural theme, this sketch also stems from a leaf and is a development of the sketch above. I likes the repetition and pattern that the repeated curves gave so I have translated this into this sketch. To take this into a 3D form I think it would be effective to spherify the design so that it is almost spinning top like. 

This is my final sketch and it is actually my favourite. I like the fact that it does not have a start and finish but is actually never ending. It would look better if all the loops were the same size and it was symmetrical however this will be easier to achieve on a computer. I am definitely going to develop this idea further into a 3D model in Solidworks. 

Texture precedents

Looking at tetures for the renders of my models. I want to keep my theme of patterns in nature so I am looking at textures that look like they belong in a natural environment. 

 Retrieved from:

Texture of a close up of a leaf. The intricate detailing would give the model more of a depth to its aesthetic rather than the texture being from far away with less detail. 

Retrieved from:

Although this texture is glass it has a certain watery look which goes with the natural theme of my assignment. The different colours within this material would create quite a busy material that may take away from my model. 

Retrieved from:

Texture of sand will provide a sense of depth within the model due to the ripples in the sand. Colour is a little dull but will be able to be enhanced with some lighting and shadows. 

Retrieved from: 

Vibrant petal that will really make the model stand out especially against a simple background. Love the intensity of the colour and the fact that it will be quite different to other models.