Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lighting Renders

I have now done some lighting experiments to see which lighting enhances my model the best.
This lighting is basically just a whole lot of omni lights surrounding the model making it over exposed. However I like the whiteness of it and the contrast between the black and the white. 

Second lighting technique where I have put a few omni lights inside my model so that it is being lit from the inside out. I like the shadows that this has created within my model. I turned down the intensity of the light so that it did not white out my model. I am happy with the lighting on this model. 

I then decided to try a spotlight directed onto the model and put a plane in so that I could see where the spotlight is concentrated on. I now want to look at shadows because I feel my render would be enhanced with them. 

 Although this is not a good view of my model I do love the shadow that it has cast and how it is so clear with the swirling lines. I would definitely like to show shadow in my final render. 

 This is the same lighting as above except I have rendered only a part of my model so that you can really see the shadowing and how the light interacts with the different curves and angles. 

This is my final lighting render and it iis the one that I am happy with. I love the brightness of the model. It is very clear and easy to see all parts. This contrasts to the dark shadow that it casts. This shadow is very clear and I love the fact that there is light going through the model so that shadow has dark bits with light shining through. However this could be improved by moving the spotlights focus a little to the left so that the angled light line is removed. 

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