Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Texture Renders

 This my final model rendered using three different textures. The top is a the texture of a surface of a leaf with the veins running through it. Next, in the middle is a sandy texture of ripples in sand. And at the bottom is actually the texture of blown glass however I used it because it looks a lot like water and I was after natural looking textures. 

This is a very vibrant texture that makes the model stand out against a black background. I like that you can actually see the patterns one the leaf on the model.

I like the subtlety of this texture and it compliments my model very nicely as it means that al strands can be seen intertwining one another in a beautiful mess. The sandy colour makes this look almost like a sandstorm which links to my theme of nature.

This watery texture is very busy and I like the many colours twirling about one another. However the chaos takes away from the model a bit as it means each strand is not defined and the model just looks like a blob.

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