Monday, 1 October 2012

Texture precedents

Looking at tetures for the renders of my models. I want to keep my theme of patterns in nature so I am looking at textures that look like they belong in a natural environment. 

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Texture of a close up of a leaf. The intricate detailing would give the model more of a depth to its aesthetic rather than the texture being from far away with less detail. 

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Although this texture is glass it has a certain watery look which goes with the natural theme of my assignment. The different colours within this material would create quite a busy material that may take away from my model. 

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Texture of sand will provide a sense of depth within the model due to the ripples in the sand. Colour is a little dull but will be able to be enhanced with some lighting and shadows. 

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Vibrant petal that will really make the model stand out especially against a simple background. Love the intensity of the colour and the fact that it will be quite different to other models. 

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