Friday, 30 March 2012

Research Statement and Annotated Bibliography

The research topic that I will be investigating is Neo-Classical Architecture as it is a fundamental style throughout history.

1. A book with a single author
 Palmer, A. L. (2011). Historical Dictionary of Neoclassical Art and Architecture. Maryland, United States of America: Scarecrow Press.

This book will be helpful in researching Neo-Classicism as it gives a concise overview of Neo-Classicism that focuses in on major artists and architects in the 18th century that influenced the style of the period. Studying major artists will help understand the reasons behind the style.

2. A scholarly journal article
Standen, E. A. (1925). Rococo and Neo-Classicism. Apollo, 114(233), 36. 

This journal article is appropriate as it highlights the differences between Rococo architecture and Neo-Classical architecture. It tells of the restrained style of the design and looks at the geometric style of the architecture. 

3. An edited book
Toman, R. (2007). Neo-Classicism and Romanticism: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Drawings. Koln, Germany. Ullmann Publishers. 

This edited book is relevant for the subject matter as it tells about the most important achievements in Neo-Classical architecture which is important when studying the design period. Learning about the major achievements will tell us more about the reasons behind the style of architecture.

4. A website
Galuzin, A. (2008). Neo-Classical Architecture. Retrieved from

This website is a suitable source for researching Neo-Classical design as it gives a succinct summary of the main features of the design period. It also has many images which means the researcher can see for themselves what the author is writing about. It has annotated views of the features of Neo-Classical architecture such as the columns which helps understand the main components.

5. An image
Church, F. E. (1871). The Parthenon [Oil on canvas]. Retrieved from ARTstor database.

This image relates to the research topic as it is the essence of the Neo-Classical design period. This image gives a visual of the style of architecture that is being studied and shows the common features of Neo-Classical architecture such as columns, pediments and statues. 

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