Sunday, 17 June 2012

DSDN 101-300 word standpoint

Industrial design is everywhere, everything.

The graphic designer Paul Rand once said that ‘everything is design. Everything!’
What he meant by this was that every object that a person comes into contact with has some sort of design process behind it. At one stage all objects were just an idea that someone had, a problem that was in need of a solution or a product that had the ability to be advanced. From this original idea an industrial designer has followed a process to create products with enhanced form, aesthetics, usability and/or ergonomics; products that we often take for granted. When living our day-to-day lives it can be easy to overlook this concept, overlook the fact that everything once started out as just being an idea. Take and alarm clock or a remote, when using these objects we do not think about the design process behind them, we only see it for what we gain from it. An alarm clock is to wake us up; a remote is to turn on the television.

This concept of seeing products for the design behind them is what I believe needs to be highlighted, in order to get people to appreciate the products that they use everyday without a second thought. My stop motion will show everyday products such as a bench, rubbish bin, water fountain and the wind wand and turn them into sketched forms to represent the design process behind them. This will encourage viewers to look at objects through the eyes of an industrial designer and appreciate the thought process behind them. In doing this they will be gaining ‘a new way of seeing.’

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