Sunday, 6 May 2012

Brainstorms-One Word Film

These are my first thoughts and words that came to mind when discussing the project as a group. They show general ideas of how i could portray the words.

I then chose the 9 best ideas from my brainstorms and developed them into concepts.

Tornado- Tornado is a good concept as it has a strong action that could be portrayed easily. However making the actual tornado out of the word would be finnicky and difficult to portray the movement successfully.
Crash- Again, another strong action. This concept is good because it has a story to it, making the flash video engaging for the viewer.
Orbit- Ideal concept because it is not an obvious choice of word. Also the concept is simple yet effective and interesting.

Focus-Having a blurred unreadable start would build up tension as the audience tries to figure out what the word is. Very simple idea that would need to be further developed to make an interesting video.
Zoom- This is a direct interpretation of the word zoom meaning it would have a very short video. Very simple concept that the audience would be able to understand very easily.
Bounce- Simple yet elegant design where the 'o' in bounce is a ball that bounces across the stage before finding its place. This is effective as it portrays the meaning of bounce quickly and clearly.

Race-Another good concept as it has more of a story and the individual letters have been given characters which engages the audience and holds their attention.
Jump- Meaning of jump is easy to show through the jumping of each individual letter. Very simple and not that attention grabbing.
Tetris-This is a good concept because the audience can relate to it as most people have played tetris. Simple, yet interesting design that could be easily made into an effective video.  

The three concepts I feel are the strongest are crash, orbit and race which I will now storyboard. I chose these three concepts as, when put into flash, they will make interesting videos that will engage the audience whilst clearly showing the meaning of the word through the actions of the individual letters. 

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