Monday, 21 May 2012

DSDN 101: The Clip-Individual Brainstorm/Development

'A new way of seeing'

'Everything is design. Everything!' -Paul Rand

  • Design is everywhere. Every object a person sees was designed by someone who was thing about its form, aesthetics, usability, ergonomics, marketing, brand development and sales. 


  • In order to portray the idea that design is every my stop-motion clip will be a collection of photographs being filmed from the viewpoint of a person and they go through a day.
  • As they see everyday objects they become sketches representing the fact that at some stage this object was just a design.
  • Thus, in knowledge of this, the person now has 'a new way of seeing.' They are looking at the world through the eyes of an industrial designer.

This is the link of a stop motion clip that i found inspiring as it relates to my concept of filming someone as they go about their day. It also used photography of real life and not animations which is also what i plan on doing. Although this is from the view of someone looking down at their feet it is still relevant to my idea. 

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