Sunday, 16 September 2012


Up until now I have only experimented using plain clear acrylic. However because my final model is going to be made up of two spirals that twist around each other I want to use a texture on one of them so that there is a difference between the two parts of the model. Here are some different textures I have experimented with. 

This is just plain clear acrylic which I have been working with so far. 

This strip of acrylic has been sandpapered which gives it a cloudy/opaque effect. It would make the difference between the spirals very clear

This strip of acrylic has just had the sides of the acrylic drawn red with a vivid. I think this gives and effective aesthetic however if I were to use this option I would choose to use blue on the edges because it better relates to my model and its 'tornado' look. 

This is a piece that was first sandpapered so that it was cloud and then I used a red vivid to colour in the piece. I then used a tissue to wipe off the excess. Because I had already sandpapered this piece it was slightly more coarse and so the ink stuck to it. This photo makes it look like the red is a solid colour however in reality the strip is slightly translucent meaning it would not be so harsh against a clear acrylic. 

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