Monday, 23 July 2012

DSDN 104-Precedent Images

This is my first precedent image for project one and I think it portrays my 3 chosen words well. It looks violent and as though there is suction. What I like about this image is the way the eye is drawn into the middle of the image and reminds me of the eye of a tornado. Also the contrast between the dark background and the intense, almost blinding light is very effective. 

This is my second precedent image which really portrays the word violent with its spiked points jutting out at various angles. It looks almost space like with the black background. I like the randomness of the spikes, how they're not symmetrical. Also the cluster of white spots in the centre draws the eyes and is a little unexpected. This image has a whirling nature like ninja spikes that spin when they are thrown.

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