Monday, 23 July 2012

Word's development

From the 2 sketches that I drew the one that I wish to develop further is my sketch for the word kite as I believe I came up with an interesting image that could be taken in many ways. 

From this sketch I have come up with a number of words, On first glance the word that comes to mind is spirals such as the path a kite would take when it is in flight. These spirals were erratic and had no pattern. From this I started think about other words for erractic such as irregular and disorder, which lead me to think of my first word, which is chaos.


I then thought of what the word chaos conjured up in my mind. When I think of chaos I think of tornados, hurricanes and most natural disasters. All of these words are quite violent, which became my second word. 

I now had a noun and an adjective and am just needing a verb. I thought of words that went along with chaos and violent and natural disasters in general. I came up with conflict, crash and whirling. The last word that i have decided to go with is: whirling. 

I now have my 3 words:
Noun: Chaos
Adjective: Violent
Verb: Whirling

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